DUMB & DUMBER: Clueless CNN Doesn’t Recognize U.S. National Anthem

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Most likely, you are sick and tired of fake news and the bias of the mainstream media. Enough is enough, if there was any collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, the left would have found proof within hours much less the past nine months they have been pushing the fake news.

CNN along with the other mainstream media continue to make ‘YUGE’ mistakes and embarrass themselves.  The latest ‘oops’ comes from a CNN anchor.   Yesterday, CNN anchor Poppy Harlow mistook the Star-Spangled Banner for the French National Anthem, while covering President Trump’s arrival in France.

Watch Video Below:

She must’ve heard a voice frantically correcting her in her earpiece, as she quickly corrected herself “The U.S., American national anthem, I should say, let’s listen.”

 Perhaps, instead of focusing on making up their fake news, they should be better prepared so they don’t make such an embarrassment of themselves!
Hey CNN, keep up the great work.., LOL!

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