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WATCH: Bill Barr Admits He KNEW About Biden’s Treasonous Bribery Scandal But Did NOTHING

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Fox News bumped their Breaking News story about the Biden bribery tapes for news that Pat Sajak is retiring from Wheel of Fortune. They appear to have joined the rest of the useless mainstream media in keeping the public uninformed.

We learned that the FD-1023, which is said to be damning of Joe Biden in the bribery scandal, also includes fifteen tapes of Hunter and two of Joe in conversations with the whistleblower. The whistleblower kept them as insurance. The tapes allegedly back up the allegations that Joe Biden took money from a Ukrainian Oligarch in exchange for getting the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma fired.

Rep. Comer also told Fox News host Trey Gowdy that the FBI told him there are other whistleblowers and FD-1023s.

The truly stunning revelation is that Bill Barr knew all about Biden’s bribery and treason case and did nothing.


Shannon Bream brought Bill Barr into Fox News Sunday to bash Donald Trump. Barr believes the counts under the Espionage Act are solid without even hearing the facts referenced in the indictment or hearing what the defense has to say.

The indictment reads like a bad dime store novel, and he believes every word.

Mr. Trump was charged under The Espionage Act instead of the Records Act, which Republicans say was inappropriate.

The 1917 Espionage Act is likely unconstitutional and has only been used to charge American political opponents and dissidents. The law does not distinguish between spies, who give or sell state secrets to a foreign power, and people who only seek to inform Americans about their government’s excesses and abuses. It’s a gun aimed at journalists and publishers, and it chills the free press. It has been used mercilessly against whistleblowers.

It was used against Eugene V. Debs in 2018. Debs, a socialist, gave a speech urging his audience to interfere with military recruitment. He was charged with violating the Espionage Act, and the Supreme Court erroneously upheld the verdict. He was imprisoned until Warren G. Harding pardoned him in 1921.

Today, the case is considered an obscene abuse of prosecutorial power from the Justice Department. Donald Trump’s case is too.

Another problem with the law is that it criminalizes the publication of national security information by government insiders and others. It can be used against journalists and publishers like Julian Assange. Assange wasn’t spying. He published material that made the government look bad.

The law is unconstitutional and, as such, is always misused.

The law is a bad law and does not apply to Donald Trump. He is not a spy.

Barr Knew!

What is more stunning is that Bill Barr admits that he knew about the FD-1023 indicating that Joe Biden sold out his country. Yet, nothing happened while he served as Trump’s attorney general.

Biden was stealing documents for decades. As Vice President, he stole them from SCIFS. He had no right to them. Barr knew.

During the interview with Bream, Barr said the Biden bribery case was vetted in Pittsburgh, and he farmed it out to Delaware and other offices. Barr knew about the financial transactions. He knew about the vetting in some detail.

A vice president, then president Biden possibly betrayed his country for financial gain, and all Barr is concerned about is Donald Trump, who did not betray his country. Barr is corrupt but talks a good game.

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10 months ago


10 months ago

He should be charged with obstruction and or treason, found guilty and spend the rest of his life in prison, NO chance of parole.

10 months ago

Bill Barr is nothing more than a Swamp creature and belongs in Prison

10 months ago

That fat-faced fraud is trying to get a payday out of this crap!

Donald Nicholas
Donald Nicholas
10 months ago

Barr is a swamp dweller. Continued income depends on protecting the establishment.

Last edited 10 months ago by Donald Nicholas
10 months ago

Now tell the people what the documents are Mr. Barr! They are evidence of the corruption of the swamp rats and you Mr Barr are one of them!