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President Trump Encourages Peaceful Protests Outside Miami Courthouse After Indictment But Antifa Caught Preparing To Stage Violence

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As President Trump gears up to appear at the Miami federal courthouse on Tuesday following his criminal indictment, the he called on his supporters to remain peaceful if they plan on protesting his arrest. Miami authorities are expecting anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000 people to attend, from supporters to protesters to Antifa revelers.

Antifa has stated their intention to stage a direct action outside the courthouse where Trump will face charges, and encouraged attendees to wear masks to conceal their identities as they engage in criminal acts.

During an interview with Roger Stone on Monday, President Trump encouraged people to protest, but only if they do so “peacefully.” The 45th president insisted that protests are necessary under President Biden’s current administration, stating that the American people have “plenty to protest” about, The National Pulse reports.

“We need strength in our country now. Our country is being taken away from us; our country’s going communist, it’s going Marxist… the people of our country aren’t that way, but the people running it are,” Trump told Stone.

“Look, our country has to protest. We have plenty to protest, we’ve lost everything. We’ve lost our borders, we’ve lost our election integrity, we’ve lost respect all over the world,” Trump explained.

During the interview, Trump encouraged his supporters to act in the same peaceful manner as they did when they protested Trump’s indictment in New York City outside of the Manhattan courthouse earlier this year.

The 45th president arrived at the Trump National Doral in Miami on Monday afternoon. Sidewalks were filled with people holding American flags as they showed their support for President Trump while his motorcade drove by.

Miami Antifa called for a direct action outside of the courthouse on Tuesday to “celebrate” Trump’s indictment. The group told members to wear masks and suggested carrying out acts of violence.

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