WATCH: James Comey Tells Psaki Why He’s TERRIFIED Of Another Trump Presidency.. And He Should Be

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In an interview with former Biden hack Jen Psaki on MSNBC, James Comey revealed how terrified he is of another Trump presidency.

Watch below:

It’s really amazing to hear Comey say this with a straight face because this is exactly what he did to Trump! Comey is worried about being on Trump’s enemies list and yet Trump was clearly an enemy of Comey and the FBI, who investigated him for crimes he did not commit based on zero evidence.

As a side note, this is why the FBI document that House Oversight Chairman James Comer has subpoenaed is so important. It’s not just about proving whether Biden is a criminal. It’s also evidence proving that the FBI is nothing more than a political operation which ignores solid evidence and refuses to investigate their ‘friends’ like Joe Biden. But they go after their ‘enemies’ like Trump over a phony wish list of crimes with a multi-year investigation.



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11 months ago

he would be writing a book from a jail cell!!

Peter Piper
Peter Piper
11 months ago

Well, you democrats brought it on yourselves. If you had not been on a witch hunt the entire time Trump was in office and accused him of all sorts of things that he did not do, then you could rest easy. But no… you had to falsely accuse him of being a Russian stooge, you indicted him for something that YOU, yourselves, did but he did not do, you continually harrassed him for things petty and large that he was innocent of and to this very day you are hounding him hoping to indict him just to keep him out of the next run for the White House. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? The nation is going to pursue you, Comey… and all your goons,until you are either in prison or hanged for treason. You were warned many time to STOP YOUR HARRASSMENT but you refused. So let the chips fall where they may.

11 months ago

“Our job is to accuse the other side of exactly that which we ourselves are doing.” Statement most often attributed to Josef Goebbels, Propaganda Minister for the Third his organization.It certainly applies here.

11 months ago

This guy is really amazing. I am surprised that anyone buys his books. I guess it’s if you want to learn how to get away with stuff you can learn a lot from him. Maybe one of the main things is to join the FBI.