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WATCH: Black Americans Don’t Hold Back On Why They HATE Joe Biden And WON’T Vote For Him Again In 2024

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Twitter users are paying attention to a video in which a number of African-American citizens express their opposition to President Joe Biden’s bid for reelection. This comes at a time when the support of an important voter group is eroding away from Biden.

In the video, three people—two men and a woman—are polled on their opinions regarding whether or not they believe the president should serve a second term. “Absolutely not,” one man says. “He’s done nothing but destroy everything.”

“He’s letting all the immigrants in. He’s just a terrible guy. He doesn’t do anything. Kamala ain’t nowhere to be found. This whole presidency was a failure this year,” the man added.

When asked what he thought of Biden, a second man bluntly said, “Nah, Trump Gang.”

In the third clip, a woman who previously stated that she would vote for Joe Biden for president in 2020 exclaimed “F*** Biden” after the current president of the United States failed her.

The man-on-the-street comments, while hilarious, have their roots in polling which shows that the president’s approval rating among African-Americans in the United States has dropped significantly since he took office. Biden’s popularity among Black voters has dropped to +35 percent, down from +75 percent in 2020. This is a vital voting demographic for Democrats, who must rely on a robust turnout from urban neighborhoods to win swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania. Biden’s support among Black voters has dramatically dropped since the day he took the White House and got to work.

Recently, the president has taken efforts to strengthen his support among African-Americans in the United States. During his commencement address at a historically black university, President Joe Biden asserted that white supremacy is the most significant danger that Americans face in the modern era. Another aspect that the president might wish to bring up is his request that the United States Census Bureau interviewed Black Americans about whether or not family ancestors were involved in slavery. The plea is being made at a time when there is a resurgent drive for reparations, particularly in California, where a task force has just proposed that the state’s more than two million Black residents should get up to three trillion dollars as settlement for the state’s compliance to 19th-century fugitive slave laws.

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