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Leaked Handbook Reveals Fox News Now Ordering Employees To Support Transgenderism

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Fox News is sold as the “conservative news network,” but it is certainly going downhill quickly, and now insiders have leaked that the network’s owners are ordering employees and on-air hosts not to criticize transgenderism.

That’s right, the “conservative” network is ordering a black out on criticism of transgenderism.

Maybe it’s time to for true Conservatives to stop watching.

The policy was uncovered by insiders who leaked the company employee handbook.

Per The Daily Signal:

Under the category “Gender Transition,” Fox’s employee handbook promises that the company is dedicated to “expanding and strengthening” efforts to “sustain a more inclusive work environment.” The Fox employee handbook is posted on Workday, where employees can see company guidelines or policies, a former employee told The Daily Signal.

“Employees who are transitioning their gender have the right to be open about their transition if they so choose, and to work in an environment free of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation, and without fear of consequences or transphobia for living openly,” the policy says.

Citing the Human Rights Campaign, one of the most prominent LGBTQ organization in the country, the Fox handbook defines a slew of LGBTQ terms, including cisgender, gender expression, gender-fluid, gender identity, gender non-conforming, gender transition, LGBTQ, non-binary, and transgender.

And Fox is thrilled that it has received a perfect score from the leftist Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index.

“A former Fox News employee told the Daily Signal that the company frequently mentions this perfect score in employee training materials.

“Fox News devotes hours of programming to attacking ‘woke companies,’ but ironically Fox is as woke as the rest of them,” another former Fox News employee told The Daily Signal, emphasizing that Fox viewers would be “astonished to find out what the company is like.”

Fox’s policies appear to be aligned with the legal requirements in New York City, where the company is headquartered.

The New York City Human Rights Law requires employers to use the name, pronouns, and title with which a person identifies, regardless of the sex assigned at birth. It is a violation of the NYCHRL to intentionally or repeatedly refuse to use a person’s preferred name, pronouns, or title.

So, as Fox masquerades as a “conservative” corporation, it is just as liberal as any other


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Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
1 year ago

switching from Fox to newsmax