WATCH: Crowd GASPS After Joe Biden Boasts About ‘Accomplishments’ Including Tucker Carlson Being Fired

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Joe Biden chose to boast about his ‘accomplishments’ and Tucker Carlson’s firing from FOX News at the annual dinner for White House correspondents held in the residence of the White House.

When Joe Biden made the following statement, the media did not know how to react, and there were audible gasps coming from the crowd.

“The job isn’t finished, I mean it is finished for Tucker Carlson”

He continued: “What are you ooing about, like you think that’s not reasonable? Give me a break.”

As for the rest of his lies…well, Biden has managed to single-handedly destroy the Middle Class and has ruined the lives of countless people with his mandates that children receive vaccinations against preventable diseases.

The President made a number of witty comments about a variety of Republican lawmakers.

His ‘sense of humor’ could only be appreciated by the poisonous mainstream media….

Watch the following, if you think you can handle it:

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1 year ago

As you see he is telling the truth again. Biden had his hand in this at Fox. Fox spoke to Zelenskyy before this firing. You see Fox just paid Dominion 787 million, but that is so they have money to take care of the voter fraud in 2024. They, meaning Fox, could have won that suit but chose to pay. This is an advance payment for 2024. If you go back to 2020 and really look close you will see they did it back then. The US postal system was one that got paid by Biden for what they did, by holding all the mail in ballots from China. This is going to happen again. Dominion will make more money so they can do it again. This all is being done by Obama and the new world order. America you better pray and pray hard. You are losing your soul.