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Hilarious: San Francisco City Council Forced To End Boycott Of 30 ‘Anti-LGBT’ States Because It Only Hurt Their City

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Back in 2016 San Francisco decided to boycott 30 states who they deemed had policies that were not good for the LGBT community. They did this in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to make gay marriage legal.

It’s been seven years since that decision and now the board of supervisors has decided to end their woke boycott because they realize it only hurt their city and had no effect no the states they were boycotting:

San Francisco will no longer boycott 30 states that passed conservative laws after city officials determined that the restrictions were too costly and had little impact other than adding more bureaucracy.

The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted to repeal a local law that prevented city employees from traveling to or doing business with companies based in states that had passed laws limiting LGBTQ rights, voting rights and abortion access.

“It’s not achieving the goal we want to achieve,” said Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, who sponsored the legislation that repealed the whole boycott. “It is making our government less efficient.”

A central goal of the boycott was to put pressure on other states, but a recent report by City Administrator Carmen Chu’s office found that only one state had been removed from the list and none ever said they changed their laws because of San Francisco’s. Additionally, the report found that the law made city contracting a more cumbersome and expensive process.

An earlier report from the board’s Budget and Legislative Analyst found that implementing the boycott had cost the city nearly $475,000 in staffing expenses. And the city was approving a large number of exemptions to the boycott anyway: Departments granted 538 waivers for contracts worth $791 million between mid-2021 and mid-2022, the report found. The legislative analyst said the full effect of the boycott on the city’s contract costs was difficult to pin down but pointed to past research that had found that a fully competitive process could produce savings up to 20%.

“We haven’t changed a single law. We have made competitive bidding less competitive,” said Supervisor Matt Dorsey. “I think San Franciscans would be angry if they knew the amount of hoops that have to be jumped through and the added cost to city contracting.”

Once again San Francisco’s wokeness bit them in butt harder than anyone else. And that’s hilarious and was entirely predictable.

It reminds me of when San Francisco’s board of supervisors had to repeal their laws on public nudity because they were getting too many complaints from people about naked men strolling through the city. This is pretty much just like that.

When will the leftists running their city realize that their woke policies only hurt the people of their city? Take their policy on forcing police officers to respond only to violent crimes. That’s allowed theft to skyrocket in the city and forced Walgreens to close many stores in the city because of all the rampant shoplifting.



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