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AP Censors Quote From Thug Who Shot White Family To Hide His Anti-White Racism

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The Associated Press (AP) chose to hide from their readers that Robert Louis Singletary, the 24-year-old black male who shot up his white neighbors in North Carolina over a basketball rolling into his yard, told his victims he was going to shoot them because they’re white and he doesn’t “like white people.”

Jamie White, his wife and his 6-year-old daughter Kinsley were all shot by Singletary outside their home near the city of Gastonia on April 18. The Gaston Gazette interviewed White at his home on Monday after he was released from the hospital and White described how the shooting went down.

From The Gaston Gazette:

Singletary approached White, who told him there were too many children outside for him to be shooting, White said.

“I said, ‘Man, that’s crazy.’ And he said, “You white? I don’t even like white people. I’m going to shoot your a–,” White said.

White said that Singletary dropped the gun he was holding and grabbed another, then ran across the road and started firing at White and Kinsley.

“He fires three shots. He hasn’t hit nobody yet. So I turn around and look… My daughter’s right in front of me. I look and see, and he’s pointing straight at my daughter,” he said. “And I just run towards my daughter… and that’s when he got me.”

The AP, which cited the Gaston Gazette as the source of their report and even linked to their article, chose to cut White’s quote in half to hide Singletary’s anti-white motive.

From the AP:

White said he told Singletary to stop shooting because of the kids.

Singletary replied: “I’m going to shoot your a–,” and pointed the revolver at White and his girl Kinsley.

“My daughter’s right in front of me. I look and see, and he’s pointing straight at my daughter,” White said. “And I just run towards my daughter … and that’s when he got me.”

The AP goes out of their way to highlight race when a white person shoots (or even slights) a black person but in this case they chose to cut out that anti-white hate was the motive for this shooting.

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1 year ago

The AP is another arm of the DNC!

1 year ago

“white people are savages” – Nick Cannon….Hmmmmmm nah