WATCH: Karine Jean Pierre Caught In Blatant LIE About Florida Law, Then Gets Fact-Checked By Twitter Notes

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Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre blatantly lied yesterday about Florida’s law restricting classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity.

KJP claimed that it’s illegal for gay teachers to have pictures of their spouses in the classroom:

But this isn’t true at all and Twitter’s Community Notes quickly called it false and linked to an article disproving KJP’s comments.

The news article is from CBS 10 in Tampa Bay last June, which says “No, Florida teachers are not being told to take down photos of same-sex spouses.”

The article explains that there was a viral meme going around a the time claiming this is true when it’s absolutely not.

I guess that means KJP is getting her ‘facts’ from a meme. Joe Biden should be so proud.

The New York Post explains where this viral meme came from:

The claim has been shared widely on social media since last summer in the form of a meme, which also claims rainbow clothing was also being banned.

The false claim stems from comments made during a June 28, 2022, school board meeting in Orange County, where several teachers spoke about their concerns regarding the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

Teachers in Orange County had apparently learned that during administrators-only seminars, lawyers for the school district advised principals to discourage teachers from wearing rainbow items and displaying photos of same-sex spouses.

The school district later disavowed that guidance, and said it was not “formal guidance.”

“During the presentation, administrators posed hypothetical scenarios based upon the new statutes and verbal answers were provided based on the limited guidance from the Florida Department of Education,” a spokesman for the district said at the time. “Once further guidance is received from the Florida Department of Education, the district will provide formal guidance to administrators and staff.”

A district spokesperson later flatly denied that gay teachers would be forced or even encouraged not to display pictures of their spouse in the classroom.

“All teachers are encouraged to keep pictures of their families in the classroom,” the Orange County school district clarified to teachers union members. “However, in K-3, it was cautioned against specific discussions in the event those discussions could be deemed classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity.”

In response to a lawsuit filed by political advocacy group Equality Florida, the state of Florida also declared that there is “no merit” to the claim that photos of same-sex spouses in classrooms would lead to teachers’ licenses being revoked.

In a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, the state argued that “there is no merit … to the suggestion that the statute restricts gay and transgender teachers from ‘put[ting] a family photo on their desk’ or ‘refer[ring] to themselves and their spouse (and their own children).’”

The state said that those actions are not considered “instruction.”

Maybe KJP should spend more time doing actual research on her statements instead of reading false memes on the internet.



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1 year ago

The princess of the Holy Biden flop as usual , like her president lies .

1 year ago

I automatically assume everything she says is lie. It makes it easy to follow her then.