WATCH: Antifa Terrorists Viciously Attack Pro-Lifers at VCU — Police Punish The Pro-Life Students

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Pro-lifers were viciously attacked at VCU, and the pro-lifers were removed, not the attackers. Radical leftists, not liberals, attacked Kristen Hawkins and Isabel Brown’s Lies Pro-Choicers Believe event, as the media reported. Liberals need to stop radicals from using their name.

Far-left students screamed “F**k pro-lifers” after hijacking an anti-abortion event at Virginia Commonwealth University. The rabid protesters threw “punches,” injuring the chapter president.

Protesters came into the room screaming, “f**k pro-lifers,” “get out Nazi fascists,” and “Nazis, go home.” Never mind that they’re the fascists and Nazis.

Two were arrested at the event but did not have any association with the school, and the Students for Life organization claimed Antifa members joined the event. It certainly appears to be the case.

Antifa defines itself as a violent anarchist-communist organization dedicated to overturning our government.

The campus police shut the event down instead of requiring the radicals to leave.

‘We came to @VCU, a public university to speak about abortion and we were assaulted,’ Hawkins wrote on Twitter. ‘VCU, you should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing this and shutting down any freedom of thought or speech at your university.’

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Half-Matter Wallace
Half-Matter Wallace
1 year ago

Hitler didn’t arrest the Brown Shirts either.

Robert WD
1 year ago

“PRO-ABORTION RADICALS” are getting away with too much along with ANTIFA, now is the time to arrest those Radicals for the First Amendment is still in force whether the radicals like it or not!!!!!!!!

1 year ago

I’ve been an atheist for 50 years. These days I find myself rooting for Christians who at least believe in something ethical. I still can’t go along with an imaginary being in charge of everything.