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Damning Report Reveals Biden Admin ORDERED U.S. Marshals NOT To Arrest Violent Protestors Outside Supreme Court Justices’ Homes After Roe V Wade Decision

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U.S. Marshals assigned to guard Supreme Court justices during the left’s outrage over the court’s Roe v. Wade decision last year, were told not to arrest protesters that were assaulting the private homes of the justices, a report says.

The justices homes were targeted after an illegal leak of the court’s draft opinion overturning the far left’s signature abortion law, Roe v. Wade. The protesters gathered outside several of the justices’ homes to intimidate them into reversing the draft decision, which was clearly set to overturn the pro-abortion rule, but had not yet been handed down.

These protests were illegal. There are laws against these protests at private homes. But Biden’s corrupt government never arrested or prosecuted any of these law breakers.

And why? Because the Biden administration told them not to.

Per the Washington Times:

Mr. Garland told senators earlier this month that his prosecutors couldn’t bring cases unless the marshals made arrests, and the marshals on the scene didn’t think there was a reason to do that.

Ms. Britt said the guidance documents show they were directed not to.

“They were actively discouraged from doing so,” she said.

One section of the guidance specifically said making arrests was “not the goal” of the deployment, and another section said arrests should be “a last resort to prevent physical harm.”

That seems to undercut Mr. Garland’s suggestion that agents were free to make arrests for protesting judges but just didn’t see any need.

Once again, we see that Democrats encourage lawlessness, they encourage intimidation, they encourage violence, as long as the political violence helps them achieve their political goals.

Democrats are the most dangerous thing America faces.

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Robert WD
1 year ago

Now isn’t that just like Biden and Garland nothing surprises me on the “stupidity” of the Democrats, I just wonder what they would have done if one of those Supreme Court Justices was injured or even killed!!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Robert W

Probably nothing or blame the Justice themselves! These Democrats, in my opinion, are full of demons from Hell, because no moral person would be this evil!