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Shocking New Documentary Exposes The Horrors Of Transgender Child Mutilation And The Lives It’s Destroyed [VIDEO]

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It might seem like a good idea when you’re young, cute, and still exploring who you are, especially in the midst of a crisis. But opting for transgenderism – and especially the surgical and hormonal mutilation process that often accompanies it – causes irreversible damage that many young trans people are learning the hard way as they grow into adulthood and get stuck with broken bodies and minds.

The new documentary film Dead Name, which was available on Vimeo but has since been removed tells the stories of three young people who were brainwashed and manipulated into destroying their bodies and identities in order to become their “true selves.”

The first story involves a six-year-old boy who was told by “Transland,” as Crisis Magazine‘s Austin Ruse calls it, that if he wanted to become a girl, all he had to do was get a “special surgery where they turn your penis inside out and there is a vagina inside.” This same little boy was also told that taking hormone pharmaceuticals “can give you girl parts.”

The boy, named Jonas, learned all this in preschool. His mom also had a lesbian affair with another woman – that other woman driving much of this sentiment in little Jonas’ mind, to the point that he also now allows himself to be referred to using the female name “Rosa.”

Jonas’ actual mom had no idea that her son’s preschool and ex-lover were doing all this behind her back. Her therapist also told her that “you have to learn to accept this,” as if forced transgenderism is perfectly normal for a pre-pubescent boy who is confused about his messed-up life.

The trans cult is ruining lives, one child at a time

The Dead Name film also features the story of a boy named Sean who used to love to play guitar, hockey, and kick footballs off a teacup from a tea set his family once got for Christmas. Now, Sean is obsessed with the false idea that he is a girl, as well as with the cross-sex hormones that he believes will make him one.

How did Sean go from being a normal boy to a trans-embracing mental illness? We are told that he developed cancer as a child and had to have one of his legs amputated. Three years after that, he developed leukemia and was later diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer. His brother also died of a heroin overdose followed by the unexpected death of his mother.

These traumas were exploited by members of a trans cult at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) who pushed cross-sex hormones on him against the better judgment of his endocrinologist, who warned that he could die – and that is exactly what happened: Sean died.

Sean’s father says he believes the drugs did his son in, and there was very little he could do leading up to Sean’s death because the rest of the family had isolated the boy from his father, who was one of the only ones trying to protect him from the trans cult.

“They totally cut him off,” Ruse writes. “Bill (Sean’s dad) went to a psychiatrist who told him he was an abusive father and that his son was ‘definitely trans.’ Did the psychiatrist consider the crises and the chaos of Sean’s life? Unremitting cancer. A limb removed. Addicted and dead brother. Dead mother … No. He was trans, totally trans, irrevocably trans.”

The third story is much the same, though it involves a young girl who was convinced she was actually a boy. With the help of a “doctor” from Planned Parenthood, this girl went the trans route just like the others.

(From Natural News)

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Hate communism
1 year ago

The doctors who operate on these children need tar and feather then hung. They are only out for money just like pushing the vaccines for money. These women need their tubes so they can’t have children. Then tell them , they are never to be around children. Women today are so brainwashed, mentally ill and just plain disgusting. Just look at the some women in Congress, unamerican unmoral unclass and just trash.