Hilarious! Driver For Davos VIPs Said He Was Not Allowed To Use Electric Cars

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(Natural News) A driver assigned to drive VIP attendees to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland has revealed that he was not allowed to drive the elites in electric vehicles (EVs).

The driver, who did not want to show his face on camera, told Japanese independent journalist Masako Ganaha that he uses a normal, gas-powered car to ferry his elite passengers. He cited the risk of accidents and insufficient power supply for his job of driving “bigwigs” around, mentioning Tesla EVs to back up his point.

“Because for VIP, I cannot drive [an] electric car. It’s very dangerous because … if you have some problem over [power supply running] out. That’s a big problem with Tesla. But now almost all they are from Tesla here, for Uber actually.” (Related: Trial involving Tesla’s autopilot could decide if tech or driver is responsible for fatal crashes.)

According to Ganaha, the fleet of Teslas under the ride-sharing app were marked “ride 100 percent electric.” Moreover, the driver confirmed that Uber chauffeurs are required to drive EVs in Switzerland and that gas-powered cars are excluded from the fleet.

This led Ganaha to ask the driver: “I wonder if the heavy storm comes. What do you think about this [EV?] Is it [going to] be OK?”

“The cars, they need electricity. They need energy, too. To make electricity, we need to burn something more,” the driver replied.

Both then laughed at the irony of the situation. Following the exchange, Ganaha concluded: “I asked about the 100 percent electricity-powered car, and he said it’s dangerous.”

WEF: Gas guzzlers for me, but not for thee

Ganaha’s tweet caught the attention of former National Security Adviser Gen. Mike Flynn. The erstwhile Trump administration official retweeted the independent journalist’s video with this caption: “The WEF VIPs don’t use electric cars because they’re afraid they’ll run out of juice in the snow.” Flynn tagged Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and Twitter, in his post.

The tech bigwig replied to Flynn, blasting the former official’s allegations.

“That is ironic indeed,” Musk said. “Doubly so, given that [the] Tesla Model Y is the best-selling car in Switzerland.” The Tesla CEO also linked an October 2022 article from CleanTechnica that lauded the EV model.

“That’s not just electric cars, and it’s not just one month – it’s for the first nine months of 2022,” stated the piece by the outlet’s Zachary Shahan. “Furthermore, the Model Y’s older, but somewhat smaller sibling, the Model 3, is the third best-selling automobile in the Playground of Europe.”

The Western Journal‘s Elizabeth Stauffer put in her two cents on Ganaha’s revelations.

“EVs are supposed to be the future. Yet elites can’t ride in them because of performance issues in [the] snow. This would be hilarious if it weren’t so dangerous,” she wrote.

“These elites ram climate change down the throats of citizens worldwide, but they show up in helicopters and private jets and cannot ride in EVs. They truly do think the entire world should be subjected to the set of rules they’ve created for us, but from which they themselves are exempt.”

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1 year ago

Again they had the chance to Round them all up & did NOTHING!

John A OwenD
John A Owen
1 year ago

Hypocrisy at the highest level!