WATCH: WEF’s Klaus Schwab Runs From Independent Journalist After Being Asked One Question About Globalism

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An independent reporter from Japan ran into World Economic Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab on the snowy streets of Davos.

When Schwab learned she was an independent reporter and not a mainstream media cartel member, he wanted no part of her questions.

Schwab, and the other elitist control freaks roaming Davos this week, never answer questions from real journalists who investigate their true motives.

WEF puppets only take interviews from media they’ve paid off.

They refuse to defend their plans of controlling every aspect of our lives.

Instead, they run away like cowards whenever an honest reporter confronts them.

We saw that happen with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla when confronted by Rebel News.

Klaus Schwab was no different.

The words “independent reporter” made him slither away.

“I encountered Klaus Schwab! And here is what happened. He is afraid of our resistance!” wrote Japanese reporter Masako Ganaha.

“I am from Japan and may I ask you for a comment,” Ganaha said before being interrupted by Schwab and his entourage.

“We’re on our way to the next thing and we’re a bit late,” one woman with Schwab commented.

“Which media are you with?” Schwab asked.

“I am an independent journalist,” Ganaha replied.

“Yeah, no thank you,” Schwab said.

Watch the full exchange:

Schwab and his cronies will no longer be able to hide in the shadows.

More and more people are awake to their schemes and forming a resistance against the global elite.

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1 year ago

KLAUD SchLAUB only claim to fame is being a Rothschild!!!
Thats it the sick basterd has nothing to offer!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by John
1 year ago

Were those gas-powered cars they drove off in?

1 year ago
Reply to  J.C.

yup only gas powered cars so they don’t run out of electricity and get stuck in the snow.

Randolph Directo
1 year ago

If they speak with independent reporters, that counts as a “narrative violation:”

Randolph Directo
1 year ago

Speaking with independent reporters counts as a “narrative violation” in Club Davos.

1 year ago

Schlob is only powerful in front of those agreeing with him. Those ‘elites’ are too scared to think for themselves – so far they haven’t, they call it an ‘echo chamber’. What does that tell you?

He’s a COWARD that won’t answer questions which are perfectly legitimate. Why are we allowing these ‘elites’ to take control of our governments – THEY ARE NOT VOTED IN BY THE PEOPLE IN THOSE COUNTRIES.

You know where you can shove those decisions!!!

1 year ago

I don’t think clod could run if you were pushing him!!!????????????????

1 year ago

This is the reason the democrats have their cancel culture. If you ask questions they know people will see them for what they really are. Money grubbing, socialists that want to rule the world. Notice how when you ask a question they consider it misinformation or disinformation and only want you to ask about what color the sky is or what is your favorite ice cream. The thing I notice is that the WEF is getting very little attention on mainstream media news outlets. I wonder why that is? Could it be because they don’t believe in free speech, or human rights, or anything that they don’t agree with? They only believe that their ideas should be followed without question. Yeah right.