WATCH: CNN Clown Jim Acosta Makes The Worst Excuse Yet For Joe Biden In Classified Doc Scandal

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It might not be surprising that CNN’s Jim Acosta said something absurd on air, but the way he twisted himself in knots to carry Joe Biden’s water this week is truly stunning.

As the White House tries to shift the focus away from the fact that Biden has apparently been stashing confidential documents in every nook and cranny of his Delaware home, Acosta tried to suggest that Republicans were the real villains of this story.

According to Red State:

Acosta was trying to defend Joe Biden over his classified document scandal by attacking what he called the Republican take on it all.

Acosta claimed the Republican argument was that Joe Biden wasn’t “mentally fit to hold office, and yet, he’s supposed to be this — in the minds of some Republicans — this criminal mastermind who is holding onto these documents for some nefarious reason.” “Does that make any sense?” Acosta complained.

First, I haven’t heard one Republican call Joe Biden a “criminal mastermind,” so that’s Acosta pulling things out of his posterior. I don’t think any Republican thinks Joe Biden is any kind of a mastermind at anything. So that says something about the dishonesty of Jim Acosta, I dare him to point to one Republican who called Joe Biden a criminal mastermind. Now, I think that some might believe that he could have removed documents related to Ukraine, but that wouldn’t take a criminal mastermind, just a dumb criminal quite frankly, which completely fits with everything we know and believe about Joe Biden.

Naturally, critics were quick to share their thoughts about his ridiculous notion.

Of course, it was the Democrats who spent four years calling Donald Trump unfit to serve and then sounding the alarms after sensitive documents (that Trump said he declassified, by the way) were found at Mar-a-Lago.

That doesn’t stop hypocritical liberals from trying to dismiss the current Biden scandal, though.

As Fox News reports:

Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., said he does not think Biden holding classified documents six years after his service as vice president poses a national security risk and would not elaborate on his position.

“No,” Clyburn responded when asked if there is any risk.

“Because I don’t think so,” he said when asked why he doesn’t believe there is any risk.

And here’s a clip of White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre trying desperately to make sense of Biden’s absurd defense of keeping classified documents in his garage:

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1 year ago

He’s wearing a mask, so he’s obviously brain damaged!!!

1 year ago