Now They’re Going To Scan Your Eye!

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Well at least this isn’t disturbing!

According to new reports, the TSA is now planning to scan your eye!

Not content with rub downs, X-Rays, full body scans that see you nude….the government is now moving on to eye scans in the TSA.

Hey, gotta build that database of biological data somehow!

An eye scan contains exponentially more information about you than a fingerprint.

But hey, it’s all for your “safety” of course!

“We’re the government and we’re here to help!”

They are selling it as “convenience”:

Sure, I guess.

Or you could just drop all the draconian TSA bullshit and that would work too.

Just an idea.

You know, go back to freedom.

I’ll explain that concept later, I know it’s too hard for the government to grasp that.

Literally the movie Enemy of the State playing out before your very “eyes” (no pun intended):

Oh yeah, one more thing…

It’s secret code name?

“Eye of Moloch”.

Because that’s not disturbing!

Gee, it’s funny how all these Godless atheist statists who keep wanting to tell us God does not exist can’t seem to stop naming things after Demons and Fallen Angels from the Bible.


Here is Glenn Beck with more:

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1 year ago

Don’t care
If your playing thier game, you deserve what ya get!!!

Mark of the beast is next!