VAERS Data Reveals HUNDREDS Of Children Have Died Or Been Seriously Injured By COVID Vaccines

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The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) was updated through November 25, 2022.
VAERS is now reporting that 172 children under the age of 17 have been killed by covid vaccines, 547 children have been permanently disabled, and 1,706 have developed myocarditis.

Additionally, 690 children developed life-threatening injuries, 4,557 have been hospitalized, and 5,349 have required an emergency room visit.  This is out of 59,814 total reports of injuries to children.  Sadly, 10,291 children have still not yet recovered from covid vaccine injuries.

Common injuries to children include migraine / headache (4,376), severe allergy (1,621), encephalitis (277), thrombocytopenia (258), Bell’s Palsy (233), appendicitis (119), Guillain Barre (109), diabetes (94) and cerebral hemorrhage (44).

How the FDA and CDC have not issued warnings and/or recalled these dangerous vaccines is simply mind-boggling.

Especially considering that the CDC recently issued a listeria warning after 2 people were hospitalized from mushrooms.

Literally two people were hospitalized from Enoki mushrooms and that triggered an immediate recall, yet no warnings or recalls for covid vaccines after they killed 172 children, and injured thousands more children, some permanently.

If this doesn’t tell you that the system is broken, then what will?


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1 year ago

ROT IN HELL VAERS, your DECEIT is obvious around the WORLD.
I watched you constantly remove the numbers of those that died from the vaccines over the last 2 years and you did that repeatedly.

M U R D E R E R S You’ve been BUSTED!

Matthew Steele Dow
Matthew Steele Dow
1 year ago

I warned and warned and warned my family and friends about this! Thank you so much for posting The Truth!!!!!!!

1 year ago

How in the world can they do this and have no compassion for the children and their families that will have to live with this for the rest of their lives. The CDC and the FDA can be sued. They were not given immunity like Big Pharma was. There is no excuse for what they have done to Humanity and the pain and suffering of these families. This has to be made worldwide and it has to be stopped. The Globalists and the Elites have to be stopped. The WEF needs to be taken down. The Soros, Rothchilds, Schwab, Gates, Fauci, Obiden and his entire family and the rest of them must be arrested, tried, found guilty of Treason and Crimes Against Humanity. There are several lawsuits going on right now and there will be many more. It’s time to shut these people down. God bless everyone

1 year ago

Feel very sorry for these children, but the parents deserve what they get!!!
GOD said, “it would be better that a mill stone be hung around your neck and you be dropped into the depths of the ocean”
Then for you to hurt 1 of his children!!! Amen