Students For Life Of America Releases List Of 10 Christian Universities That Are Promoting Abortion And Have Ties To Planned Parenthood

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On Nov. 14 Students for Life of America (SFLA) released a new report on 11 Christian-affiliated schools that maintain ties with Planned Parenthood.

Campus Reform found many other schools, with the help of SFLA’s Demetree Institute, which also promotes abortion on campus.

Below is a list of 10 Christian-affiliated universities and colleges that remain in a relationship with Planned Parenthood and/or promote abortion.

Augsburg University, MN

Affiliation: Lutheran

Augsburg University continues to promote Planned Parenthood as an emergency contraception resource, listing nearby Planned Parenthood locations under its Women’s Resource Center.

Duke University, NC

Affiliation: United Methodist

Duke University provides students with Planned Parenthood internships.

Duke’s Obstetrics and Gynecology School of Medicine also promotes Chemical Abortion pills.

Emory University, GA

Affiliation: United Methodist

Emory Univeristy promotes “abortion care” multiple times on the school’s  “Family Planning” page.

The healthcare clinic at Emory provides abortions. The university’s clinic site states, “it doesn’t matter what your reasons are, what you believe or who you are. We are here to support you and to care for you however—whenever—you need us. After all, abortion care is health care.”

Campus Reform reported Emory put on a 2021 workshop that taught students about abortion advocacy.

Ohio Wesleyan University, OH

Affiliation: Methodist

Multiple departments at Ohio Wesleyan University promote Planned Parenthood as an internship opportunity for students.

Macalester College, MN

Affiliation: Presbyterian

Macalester College offers internships with Planned Parenthood to students.

Additionally, the library guide at Macalester lists Planned Parenthood as a biology research resource.

Moravian University, PA

Affiliation: Moravian Church

Moravian University not only promotes Planned Parenthood as a preferred emergency contraception option but also offers the abortion provider as an internship opportunity for psychology students.

Muhlenberg College, PA

Affiliation: Lutheran

Muhlenberg College refers its pregnant students to Planned Parenthood for “emotional support.”

The college promotes and celebrates student internships at Planned Parenthood.

Students at Muhlenberg College are further encouraged to turn to Planned Parenthood for STI testing.

Rhodes College, TN

Affiliation: Presbyterian

Rhodes College promotes Planned Parenthood as a health resource. The college also suggests that community service can be done for Voices of Planned Parenthood.

Voices of Planned Parenthood “work[s] to deconstruct taboos around sexual health and move our campus and city towards reproductive justice.”

The college also refers students with sexual questions to Planned Parenthood.

Hamline University, MN

Affiliation: United Methodist

Hamline University’s Counseling and Health Services encourage abortion.

St. Olaf College, MN

Affiliation: Lutheran

St. Olaf College provides parents of incoming freshmen with resources created by Planned Parenthood.

St. Olaf additionally offers internships with Planned Parenthood.

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1 year ago

WAIT – did you say ‘Christian Universities’?
These are NOT Christian, the sanctity of life was written into the 10 commandments.
Do you recall these words: BY THEIR WORKS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM.

These ‘so called’ Christian Universities are from their father – The Devil. Get out of her, my people, if you do not want to share in her SINS!

1 year ago

Do nto call them christian U, Call them what they are satanic/devil U’s

1 year ago

Like I been saying IF it’s 501c3, it has ZERO to do with JESUSCHRIST!!!
IF you sign a contract with the BEAST, WHO are you beholden to???