WATCH: Sleepy Joe Biden Speaks Gibberish In Puerto Rico Before Asking For Help Reading Words

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President Joe Biden is being “rolled” out to address the public despite the fact that it is evident to everyone outside the media that he is suffering from rapid cognitive decline.

Despite this, it is said that Biden informed Al Sharpton that he intends to run for president once more in 2024. 

During a Monday appearance in Puerto Rico, Biden began to pretend disoriented before requesting assistance to make his prepared remarks. He nevertheless managed to speak incoherently in the end.

Biden was walking to the podium when he suddenly stopped and looked at the ground as if he had lost something.

He appeared to mutter “look for here somewhere” while scanning the ground, perhaps looking for a place he was ordered to stand by handlers:

Biden then gibbered about being raised in a Puerto Rican community… in Delaware, or something, before struggling to read the teleprompter and asking for help to complete his sentences:

Eventually, Biden just completely devolved into a complete nonsense mash:

At least he wasn’t asking where dead people were this time.

There are too many daily incidents like this to keep track of now:

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1 year ago

BIDEN must be removed NOW damn it. Jill the whore his wife needs to be brought up on charges of senior abuse as well as hunter the crack head and every demorat involved in Biden being foisted on the USA.