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Canadian Gov’t Claims Woman Who Dropped Dead 7 Mins After Getting COVID Vax Died of ‘Natural Causes’… But Her Family Says That’s A LIE — ‘The Vax KILLED Her!’

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The Saskatchewan coroner’s office said that a Canadian woman who “collapsed to the floor” and “dropped dead” seven minutes after receiving an untested Covid booster shot passed away from “natural causes.”

Stephanie Foster revealed to on Thursday that her mother Carol Pearce spent the morning of September 14 in Saskatoon with her before her appointment.

“Her, myself and her granddaughter were laughing and having a great time,” Foster told “Our last time together. My mom left my house looking amazing!” report:

Pearce left for her booster shot and that would be the last time her daughter and granddaughter would see her.

“She text me at 12:31 p.m. and said she was waiting her 15 min,” said Foster. “At 12:38 p.m. she was unconscious in [the drug store].” tracked down a witness to the alleged event and she recounted what she heard and saw.  We have agreed to let the witness remain anonymous and call her Heather as she fears losing her job.

Heather said that she was in the store when she heard screaming and crying.

“People started screaming,” she said. People were crying, just about everybody that worked there was crying and freaking and hugging each other and just losing their [sh**],” Heather told

“They were saying in the store that it was about seven minutes,” after Pearce got the booster shot that she collapsed on the floor, said Heather.

“It wasn’t long at all before the ambulance was there,” she said.

Death was natural causes: Sask Health

A spokesperson from Saskatchewan Health claimed on Thursday that Pearce’s death was from natural causes.

“The Saskatchewan coroner’s service has investigated this instance and determined that the person died from natural causes,” Dale Hunter, communications consultant from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health said in an email Thursday.

Foster, however, disagrees.

“I do not believe this was caused from natural causes. My Mom had no health conditions. I believe had she not gotten that Covid shot then she would be here with us today!

“She left for her appointment happy and energetic,” said Foster.

Foster added the doctor informed the Pearce family that she “dropped dead before she hit the floor” in the drug store.

Foster and Pearce have been pro-vaccine, getting all of the required COVID-19 shots. In fact, Foster posted a photo in July 2021, saying that she “Stuck it to covid” and said she was fully vaccinated.

Hunter told that as of Sept. 18 there have been zero deaths due to immunizations reported in Saskatchewan.

“In the event of a reaction to any vaccine, residents are advised to speak with their primary health care provider or call 9-1-1 in an emergency,” said Hunter.

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