Bill Clinton Tells Tom Hanks That They Have To Save America From The Extremist Threat Of ‘MAGA Republicans’

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At a Saturday event with Tom Hanks, former president Bill Clinton contributed to the spread of Democratic propaganda for the midterm elections by claiming that “saving our democracy” from MAGA Republicans is a “zero-sum game.”

One person’s gain is another person’s loss in a relationship or competition is referred to as a zero-sum game. By using this phrase, Clinton is expressing his belief that MAGA Republicans must be completely eliminated and that there is no opportunity for compromise with the political enemy.

Clinton appeared Saturday at A+E Networks and the History Channel’s History Talks, according to a Variety report. Along with Hanks, the former president was joined by his daughter, Chelsea, and celebrity chef José Andrés.

“What’s more important? Our common humanity or differences?” Clinton asked Hanks on stage. “And what works better to build the kind of future we all want? Does cooperation work better or is everything a zero-sum game?”

Clinton answered his own rhetorical question: “Life is not a zero-sum game. Football is a zero-sum game — I’ve already watched one game today. I hope it’s not true, but it may be true that saving our democracy is just a zero-sum game because democracy is fragile right now.”

Breitbart report: Clinton’s talking points echoed recent comments by President Joe Biden and other prominent Democrats, including Georgia gubernatorial hopeful Stacey Abrams, who have claimed democracy is under attack from Trump supporters.

At his now-infamous Philadelphia speech earlier this month, Biden portrayed American democracy as imperiled.

“As I stand here tonight, equality and democracy are under assault,” he said, later adding that Trump and his supporters represent an “extremism that threatens the foundations of our Republic.”

Following an overwhelmingly negative public reaction to his speech, Biden later tried to walk back his attacks on MAGA Republicans.

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Howard Mackinnon
Howard Mackinnon
1 year ago

I just love it when the left calls the right extremists because they love God, Family and Country.

1 year ago

???????????????????? Run Forest Run!

1 year ago

Following the constitution is now considered far right extremism.