There Was A Hispanic-On-Hispanic Hate Crime In Colorado

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Democrats and the liberal media have spent considerable time and effort trying to convince us that white supremacy is the biggest threat facing our nation and point to a fictional “wave of hate” perpetrated by whites against minorities. The problem is, all we see are hoaxes or black-on-Asian, black-on-Jewish, and black-on-LGBT attacks. Occasionally one will come along to buck the trend but this definitely doesn’t support the narrative: In Colorado, police are looking for a Hispanic man who attacked other Hispanics.

Fox 10 reports that on July 23 in Aurora, Colorado a man confronted a group of people speaking Spanish at a gas station. Presumably these people were Hispanic but the news doesn’t say specifically if they are. In any case, the man told them they didn’t belong here.

The man followed the Spanish-speakers out to there car where he took the gas nozzle and sprayed them. He then reportedly tried to find a lighter to set them on fire. When he couldn’t find a lighter (he should have bought one in the gas station) he went with plan B and threw a rock through the window of their car. He then stole their keys and took off.

Aurora PD are investigating this as a hate crime.

When I clicked on the article I saw the picture of the suspect and thought he looks pretty damn Hispanic. But, I figured since the cops are calling this a hate crime and the victims are clearly Hispanic, I thought the suspect must be a light-skinned black dude or something.

Then at the end of the article it says police are looking for a “20-25 y/o, 5’06” to 5’09 Hispanic male.”

So there you have it, this was a Hispanic-on-Hispanic hate crime. Sure, it doesn’t make a damn bit of sense but nothing involved with racial sensitivity does.

This just goes to show you how stupid hate crime laws are. The cops are saying that this Hispanic man’s attack on other Hispanics was motivated by his deep hatred for Hispanics. It’s already a crime to try to set people on fire, vandalize their car, and steal their property. What difference does it make if he was motivated by hate or is just a giant asshole?

The weird thing is though, a lot of Hispanic groups hate each other. I have Mexican-American friends that hate illegal immigrants and everyone from Central America. I have a friend from El Salvador and she says her people are better that Guatemalans and Panamanians. My next-door neighbors are from Guatemala and the first thing they did when I moved in was made sure that I understood they were “high-class” Guatemalans, not lowly Mexicans.

This is completely bizarre to me because literally nobody else can tell them apart. They look the same, speak the same language, have the same culture, and eat the same food, which is what I tell them when they lay this shit on me.

Meanwhile, the Hispanic-on-Hispanic hate crime, that is clearly not a hate crime, will go in the books as a reported hate crime and the liberal media will use the stats to say hate crimes are on the rise. You know what stat we never see: white-on-anybody else hate crimes. The reason for that is because it won’t support the narrative that white supremacy is the biggest threat to the country.

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