Fat Jerry Nadler Claims He Impeached Bush Twice

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There was a New York democratic party primary debate yesterday, which was Rep. Jerry Nadler’s chance to show the voters why they should give the morbidly obese 75-year-old another term. Instead, he demonstrated that his mind is as gone as his will to exercise. Fat Jerry actually claimed that he impeached Bush twice.

Unfortunately no video exists, at least on not on YouTube, of the debate between Nadler, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, and young whippersnapper Suraj Patel. Luckily The NY Post reported on the highlights:

Nadler’s delivery was halting during his initial presentation and he misspoke and often seemed unable to come up with the right words.

And then Nadler, the House Judiciary Committee chairman, uttered a real whopper, proclaiming, “I’ve impeached Bush twice.”

He was referring to his oversight of the politically divisive impeachments of former President Donald Trump, whom he confused with either the 41st or 43rd president.

Maybe, at least in his mind, he really did impeach Bush. Like Joe Biden, Jerry Nadler clearly has dementia and with that comes delusions.

Fat Jerry apparently also spent the entire debate seated in a chair while his opponents were able to stand under their own power.

There was even more Bidenesque cluelessness from the NY Rep.

Nadler had many other verbal stumbles throughout the debate and at one point when the moderators offered him a chance to respond since his name had been brought up by an opponent, he seemed stunned and had nothing to say.

At one point, WNYC moderator Brigid Bergin asked Nadler about the importance of seniority and how he and Maloney differed on policies, two related but different questions.

Nadler answered that seniority is important if used effectively, but forgot about the Maloney comparison.

“The second one, the second question, what was the second one?” Nadler asked.

The really funny thing here is that the entire point of Suraj Patel’s debate argument was that Nadler and Maloney, who is 76, are too old to be in office. Nadler completely proved his point by claiming to have impeached Bush. BTW, it’s probably been since the Nixon administration since Jerry saw his own bush.

At the end of the debate each of the candidates was asked if they though Joe Biden should run again in 2024. Patel answered simply yes. Then came Nadler:

“Too early to say. It doesn’t serve the purpose of Democratic Party to deal with them until after the midterms,” said Nadler.

It’s kind of funny that Nadler, in an answer where he won’t commit to supporting Biden in 2024, gives a totally Joe Biden answer. It doesn’t serve the purpose of the democratic party to deal with them? Them what? He was asked if Biden should run. That’s not a them.

For the record, Caroline Maloney replied, “I don’t believe he’s running for reelection.”

It’s pretty awesome how much love and support Biden has from his own party, isn’t it?

If you are wondering why Rep. Nadler and Rep. Maloney are participating in the same primary it’s because so many people fled high-tax NY in the last 10 years that the state lost a House seat. In the newly redrawn map, Nadler and Maloney ended up in the same district, which means there will be at least one less dinosaur dem come November.

Since the district will go to a democrat anyway, I hope Nadler wins. He’s a very entertaining dude and now that he’s got Alzheimer’s, he be even more so.

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1 year ago

This little bridge TROLL, needs to be eradicated from the Earth!