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ANOTHER Hero With A Gun Saves The Day — Missouri Customer Stops Armed Robbery DEAD

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According to KTVI-TV (a Fox News affiliate), an armed robbery at a QuikTrip convenience store at 3:30 am in St. Charles, Missouri was thwarted by a “good guy with a gun” on Saturday morning.

Police say the suspect, a 26-year-old homeless man named Lance Bush, had been on a spree of armed robberies which began at 3 am the same morning.

Police also say that the vehicle he used to get to the convenience store, a black 2013 Toyota Highlander, was reported stolen on July 15 after a separate armed robbery took place.

KTVI says that the customer, a man who wished to not be named, stopped at the QuikTrip convenience store to use the restroom and buy snacks.

It was not until he exited the store that he realized the store clerk may be in danger.

The customer, who carried a concealed firearm, noticed that something was amiss as he left the convince store when he noticed that the 43-year-old female store clerk looked scared.  The customer said, “I walked up to the door and I saw him with a knife to her throat. She was emptying out the cash register.”

“I pulled my gun up and I asked him, ‘are you sure everything’s OK?’ And that’s when the suspect said, ‘no, it’s not OK, but I got something for you,’ and he grabbed his bag, ran from around the counter and started running towards me and that’s when I fired shots”, said the customer, who asked to remain anonymous.

The customer fired 4 shots with his concealed 9mm pistol, wounding the robber who would later die of his wounds in the hospital, according to police who rushed him away to receive medical care.

The store clerk has suffered lacerations on her hand, wrist, and neck after being held at knifepoint during the robbery.  None of these wounds are life-threatening, though she was taken to a hospital to be treated.

This is yet another example of, what some people may call, a “good guy with a gun” becoming a hero when he is called upon to act.  The customer, who is said to have extensive training with firearms, said that he relied on “instinct” to save the day.

“Taking somebody’s life is not an everyday thing. Neither is saving someone’s life,” he said when reflecting on the event that had transpired.  Even though he saved the life of an innocent woman, this day is a traumatic event which will live on in his memories for years to come.

Thanks to the actions of this good Samaritan, a woman’s life was saved and the residents of St. Charles, Missouri can sleep safer at night.

With each individual who is willing and able to defend the lives of others, our country comes one step closer to Freedom and Justice for All.

This comes amid continuous assaults on the American people’s right to keep and bear arms by national lawmakers.  This is more evidence that sometimes one brave man or woman with a gun is all that stands between evil and our loved ones and neighbors.

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1 year ago

Good thing he was there because God certainly wasn’t

William HinkleD
William Hinkle
1 year ago

Ruh Roh! Not good. The WEF-Davos boy tiddlers won’t like this one bit…..

1 year ago

Americans are tired of this CRAP.
My County School board voted 4/2 to Arm our schools.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jane

Four smart people and 2 idiots. That’s good, but we need more people to wake up. We don’t need any idiots!

jacques merdeD
jacques merde
1 year ago

Play dangerous games, dangerous stuff happens.

1 year ago

Goes to show we Americans can take care of crime ourselves if the opportunity presents itself! And we are legally armed! Woo Woo!

1 year ago

Gee, I didn’t see anything about this in the news. I wonder why?