WATCH: Kamala’s Latest Freudian Slip Is Both Hilarious And Terrifying

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Hilarious. But terrifying. Amazing. But terrible. Accidental. But … was it?

Kamala Harris spoke this weekend at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. During her talk she trashed the Supreme Court, and mouthed typical liberal platitudes while saying nothing whatsoever of substance in a fake conversation with actress Keke Palmer to a friendly and politically non-diverse (and other kinds of non-diverse) audience that represents the way mass media and entertainment prop up far left regimes for their own financial benefit.

But she did say one thing that was worth hearing and laughing at and fearing.

Hilarious the way they all secretly burn Biden and admit he’s a doddering figurehead.

But terrifying that this woman is so close to power and is somehow dimly aware of it.

And absolutely petrifying that people take her seriously on any subject at all.

So enjoy/hate that with me, won’t you?



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1 year ago

Lets see how she got her 1 political jobs. Sucked the cock and put out for Brown. Could not even place 3rd in any Demorat primary. Jill the whore biden, hates her guts and was so against letting her be on bidens ticket. She is not BLACK not AFRICAN her family owned slaves, her mommy is Hindu Indian her old man denounced her, both mom and dad never legal citizens. Not sure if she was born in USA or CANADA This dumb beach needs to be the 1st to go

1 year ago