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MAGA Candidate Lauren Boebert Just Won a Massive Victory And Dealt A HUGE Defeat To RINO’s Across The Country

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The RINOs and self-professed “moderates” tried as hard as they could to keep Trump-supporting, MAGA candidate Lauren Boebert out of office by running a primary candidate against her in her seat for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

That candidate was the most RINO of RINOs, a state representative named Don Coram who did the usual RINO thing, working with Democrats in the legislature while positioning himself as a “centrist” and calling Boebert an “extremist.”

But of course he called her that; to the “moderate” types, any Republican who insists on winning and doesn’t instantly back down to the left is an “extremist”.

Coram has taken pains to describe himself as a centrist, saying, for example, “My politics are very similar to my driving,” Coram said at a recent campaign event. “To the chagrin of both my wife and my Republican colleagues, I tend to crowd the center line and sometimes I veer over a bit.

The Guardian, in an article describing all that the weak-spined RINOs and anti-MAGA Democrats did in an effort to keep Boebert out of office, noted that:

 With the Democratic party’s failure to come up with a high-profile candidate, there has been a concerted anti-Boebert push among quietly dissenting Republicans, angry unaffiliated voters and even Democrats who renounce their party registration to vote in the GOP primary against Boebert.

“Boebert is an embarrassment to our district,” said Susan Reed, a retired cultural archeologist, who decided to change her registration from Democrat to unaffiliated. This was a first for Reed, but Boebert offends her. “We need a legislator and not a Fox News personality,” she said.

Reed is not alone. Across the district, Democrats are de-registering in some numbers. According to an analysis by Colorado Public Radio, the Democratic party lost about 3,700 registered voters between February and May in Boebert’s congressional district (Boebert won the primary two years ago by fewer than 10,000 votes). None of Colorado’s other House districts saw a comparable shift.

But it didn’t work. Boebert overcame her main obstacle to making it back into her office, the primary opponent (as the Guardian noted, no realistic Dem contender was offered), blowing away Coram in last night’s primary.

And it makes sense that the GOP, or at least the real conservatives within it, would rally around Boebert. She’s known for her MAGA stances and received a full-throated Trump endorsement, with Trump saying:

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has done a fantastic job in her first term representing Colorado’s Third District,” Trump said in a statement. “She is a fearless leader, a defender of the America First Agenda, and a fighter against the Loser RINOs and Radical Democrats. She will continue to be tough on Crime, strong on Borders, and always protect our under-siege Second Amendment. Lauren has my Complete and Total Endorsement for her reelection!”

Similarly, Boebert has done her best to push MAGA agenda items. For example, she introduced the “Fueling American Prosperity Act”, saying:

The solution to high gas prices is simple: drill baby drill. We have an abundance of domestic natural resources just waiting to be unleashed. America produces energy cleaner and safer than anyone else in the world. Sadly, the Biden regime decided to unilaterally shut down American energy dominance on day one and we are all paying the price at the pump. The Biden regime has proven time and time again that it would rather pander to extremists and rely on dirty foreign oil than safely produce American energy that creates American jobs. It’s time to restore American energy dominance and reduce gas prices which is exactly what my bill will do,” Boebert said in a statement.

“If the Biden regime fails to act, my bill will hold them accountable by imposing a hiring freeze at the Department of the Interior. If the American people cannot get affordable energy, the Biden regime should not be able to hire more bureaucrats to create more red tape.

Boebert was the MAGA candidate, and utterly unrepentant. As is usual in such cases, she won, dominating the weak-spined “centrists”.

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