WATCH: The View’s Whoopi Goldberg Issues SICK Threat To Clarence Thomas

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Well it’s a day that ends in y, so the clucking hens on ABC’s “The View” are back to being crazy, with Whoopi Goldberg leading the pack in going crazy over Clarence Thomas’ concurring opinion in Dobbs, in which he wrote that the court might consider tackling other “fundamental rights” that are in no way actually fundamental rights, saying:

In future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell. Because any substantive due process decision is “demonstrably erroneous,” we have a duty to “correct the error” established in those precedents.

In that, he’s effectively saying that “rights” based on nothing more than judicial activism and the twisting of clauses around themselves in an attempt to bow to public opinion need to be done away with, namely “rights” like gay marriage that have no precedent or basis in the Constitution or American history other than the nonsense of the sort pushed by the court in Roe and the aforementioned cases.

And in writing that and hinting that gay marriage could be on the chopping block as a fundamental right, however unlikely that might be, Clarence Thomas made the left go berserk, with Whoopi Goldberg of The View going perhaps the craziest.

Watch what she had to say here:

She, as you can hear in the video, threatened that people would come for him next because he is married to a white woman, saying:

“You better hope that they don’t come for you, Clarence, and say you should not be married to your wife who happens to be white … and you better hope that nobody says, you know, well, you’re not in the Constitution. You’re back to being a quarter of a person.”

Whoopi’s bizarre rant was quick to draw scorn and questions on Twitter.

One commenter, for example, managed to both point out the utter ridiculousness of Whoopi’s comment while also slamming The View and its viewers, saying:

I have questions:
1. Who is the “they” that Whoopi is so certain will come for Thomas’s white wife and make him a 1/4 of a person?
2. How does The View have an audience that is so uninformed that they actually clap for this drivel?

Another made a comment about Whoopi that most everyone must think whenever she opens her mouth, saying “Has this lady ever made an argument that makes the slightest bit of sense?

Then there was a brilliant comment about how the “our democracy” crowd doesn’t actually like “our democracy” in practice, saying:

Why do raging liberals attack a court decision which restores power to the States and the people. This decentralization of power is exactly what protects us from federal overreach, and totalitarianism. Instead it seems they’d prefer a small group of unelected justices making law.

Indeed. But then again, it’s Whoopi doing the speaking, so it’s hard to take anything she says all that seriously. Rather, it’s just entertaining to see how crazy the left has gone.

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Shane Cooper
Shane Cooper
1 year ago

She is nothing but an overweight piece of antiquated farming equipment.

Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
1 year ago

I just contacted ABC… Whoopi needs her butt fired…

david russell
david russell
1 year ago

Whoopi is a non-entity with gas.

1 year ago

Where’s the secret service?

1 year ago

Let do an investigation in all the threating talk coming from these agitators who think of themselves as ones who can question and encourage the public to rebel against the SCOTUS