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WATCH: Dr. Fauci Forced To Admit NO Evidence Showing Vaccines Reduce Severity of COV In Kids After CDC Recommends Vax

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The CDC now recommends vaccinating children over the age of five, but there are no studies on children showing a reduction in hospitalizations or deaths from the vaccine. Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted that is accurate.

Yet, we know that small numbers of children – mostly teen boys – can develop myocarditis from the second vaccine. Additionally, healthy teen boys and girls are not at risk from COVID. So, why push the vaccines for children and young people in general?

Dr. Rand Paul explained that they shouldn’t be developing policy based on no studies.

If only they would follow the science.

Dr. Paul also grilled Dr. Fauci, the NIAID Director, about royalties from the Big Pharma they oversee.


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2 years ago

Don’t call them vaccines. They are ‘kill shots’.

2 years ago

LORD sorry to a ask you a big favor. But could you please please send the host of AOD’s to Herr Fauci his beach wife and everyone associated with the lying to America and the World and that includes the worthless senile shit in his pants pos and the cackling hen. Oh hell, just check if they are Demorats and GOP RHINOS just take them to hell to be with the rest of the politicians, judges etc. Oh and please wipe the planet of every globalists and useless billionaires like klaus, sorros, obamas, clintons, bushes, carters et al. HELP US O LORD

2 years ago

Now Fauci wants to vaxx the babies and toddlers starting this month! You know all of the liberal parents will be right up to the pediatrician as soon as they have the shot They are having a hard time aborting the babies, so the next thing is vaxx them! God help the little children! ????

2 years ago

The real sad part is that so many people follow blindly what Fauci says.