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BREAKING: Multiple Americans Captured By Russian Forces In Donbass As Kremlin Rejects US’s Ukraine Biolabs Explanation

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As the situation in Donbass (East Ukraine) worsens for Ukrainian forces, as reports are now leaking from Kyiv that Ukraine is losing 1,000 troops a day, the State Department has essentially admitted American mercenaries have been captured by Russian forces in-country.

Alexander John-Robert Drueke, 39, from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Andy Tai Ngoc Huynh, 27, from Hartselle, Alabama are currently “missing” from the battlefield, however, their precise fate is as yet unconfirmedaccording to a State Department official, reported Zero Hedge.

White House national security spokesman John Kirby didn’t confirm the reports, but strongly hinted that it’s the administration’s belief they were likely captured, given he stated to reporters the US government “will do everything we can” to get Huynh and Drueke back.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin is stepping up the information war against the existence, and explanation of, U.S. biolabs in Ukraine.

“The ‘explanations’ provided by the US don’t have answers to the questions we posed – why was the work carried out by order of the Pentagon, and its subject matter was not consistent with actual problems of Ukrainian health care? What for did officers from the US military agency participate in biological research in Ukraine, while the work was carried out in secrecy with restricted access of Ukrainian specialists to information and premises?” declared Chief of Russia’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops Igor Kirillov today in Moscow, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

There are no answers either to the questions why strains of pathogenic microorganisms – potential biological weapons agents, and biomaterials of Ukrainian citizens were exported from Ukraine without clearly declared purposes. Why are the US officials, including Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, so worried that that the results of the US Department of Defense activities in Ukraine and materials in the bio laboratories may get into the hands of Russian specialists?

In addition, the question remained unanswered as to why the US and Ukraine keep quiet about cooperation in the military-biological sphere in international reporting under the Biological Weapons Convention, and why the US has been blocking the development of its verification mechanism since 2001, Kirillov said. The briefing focused on the results of analysis of the documents regarding Washington’s military-biological activity in Ukraine.


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Belinda BoundreauD
Belinda Boundreau
1 year ago

“Filthy goyim! We fukt you good in 1917 and will do it again!!!”

1 year ago


1 year ago

They shouldn’t have picked the wrong side to join. Putin is taking down the NAZIS and the Deep State.