Watch Matt Walsh’s Incredible Documentary ‘What Is A Woman?’ For Free Right Here

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Matt Walsh’s film What is a Woman, produced in collaboration with the Daily Wire, was released this week. The 90-minute compilation of gender identity interviews and analysis is well-produced, humorous, and aggravating. For those fresh to the battlefield, it’s a good, fundamental introduction to the gender-identity wars. The experts’ responses to Walsh’s calm, measured, and objective questions form an important chapter in the handbook titled How to Give Enough Rope.

The central question, “What is a woman?” – and the apparent incapacity of highly educated people to answer it – is used as a springboard into the larger debate. Walsh does a fantastic job of demonstrating the incoherence of gender campaigners and supporters in an easy-to-understand manner. And they’re completely incomprehensible.

Although the full documentary was premiered behind the Daily Wire’s paywall, you can now watch the film via BitChute here:

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Jeff Morency
2 years ago

Meanings of words ALWAYS depends on context. For example, “pit” in a peach orchard means something completely different when referring to a large hole in the ground. Male or female can meaning physical or mental or social or, even the shape of a pipe, depending on context. To ask if a person is male or female is an incomplete question without including context. A person could be one gender mentally or socially and the other gender physically. What is a woman? Define the context. Then, you can answer the question.