WATCH: Leftist LUNATIC Attacks Ted Cruz At Dinner — Democrat Party And Media Call For MORE

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The blue check mafia took a break from insulting the idea of locking doors between your children and predators to get shivers up their legs over a LUNATIC who verbally assaulted Ted Cruz while he was eating supper on Friday. Outside the NRA convention, the same thug erected a revolting, slanderous cardboard cut-out.

The blue checks are ecstatic about it, as they have been since the shooting of innocent children, because nothing makes them happier than the deaths of children and babies.

That’s not all, the insane lunatic also put up a cardboard cutout outside the NRA convention.

The guy had to be restrained by several people as he tried to probably physically attack Cruz. And that madness is fully supported by the liberal media elites, who can hardly contain their excitement and enjoyment as they demand more.

This is an official Democrat party account:

And this jerk whose films I’m already boycotting anyway.

These are sick people. Whether they’re busy abusing your children in school with sexual propaganda, conducting their infant holocaust, or getting visceral pleasure after 19 kids were murdered due to police malfeasance, poor school security, and an utter failure to identify a threat.

Despicable, disgusting, depraved: Democrat.



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1 year ago

I wonder how much he was paid to attack Cruz?

Jimbo Madison
Jimbo Madison
1 year ago

We can easily do it to them if they wish. It’s just hard to be so uncivilized and brainless.

1 year ago

So the left can murder children/babies, in the womb that never get to grow up to be teachers and then accuse the right of the same thing even though we try to protect those unborn and also we want to protect the children and teachers in the schools but the left will not allow us to protect them using our 2A rights. I just do not understand the lack of the leftist logic. The left can kill but the right cannot protect and they call us the murders?