WATCH: Pro-Abortion Activists Reveal How EVIL They Are — Say Women Should Be Able To ‘Choose’ To Kill Their 2-Year-Old Children

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Sometimes you really think you’ve heard it all until another pro-abortion activist gets a microphone put in front of her face and she’s asked about her views on abortion.

Then you realize that it’s no longer just about killing the unborn.


Here’s the exchange between a Live Action reporter and this insane pro-abortion activist…

LIVE ACTION: Do you believe in abortion after birth?

ACTIVIST: I believe in whatever the woman wants to choose to do, that’s her choice.

LIVE ACTION: At any point in the child’s life?

ACTIVIST: At any point in the lady’s life, that’s her choice.

LIVE ACTION: To kill another person’s body…?

ACTIVIST: It’s going to always be her choice.

LIVE ACTION: Even after the baby’s born?

ACTIVIST: It’s always her choice.

LIVE ACTION: So if they’re two years old?

ACTIVIST: It’s always her choice.

LIVE ACTION: I can kill my two year old?

ACTIVIST: It’s a woman’s right to choose.

LIVE ACTION: To kill their child at any point?

ACTIVIST: It’s a woman’s right to choose.

The interviewer couldn’t be more clear about what she’s asking of this pro-choice lunatic, who is so demented that she claims it should always be the woman’s choice to murder her baby even after it is born, at any point.

What a nutjob! I don’t know of any feminist out there who has taken it to this level.

The only other question I’d have for her, just for kicks, is to find out if this also applies to so-called transgender women…



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Lupie Marie Riley
1 year ago

Folks, that’s signs of the times. At one demonstration a woman wore a Satanic T-shirt. If that doesn’t tell you who their master is because Satan is the Father of all liars. His purpose is to steal, kill and destroy. What we are seeing in todays world are souls that have sold out to their master who moves them like pawns. Most are unaware of his presence as they do his bidding. If America doesn’t come back to the God who founded this nation, it will be in for judgment like Sodom and Gomorra. God will remove His blessing. Our obligation as Christians is to pray for these poor souls because we know what their destination will be and it won’t be a pleasant one. It will be an eternity that will never end for them. Come to Christ for Salvation, forgiveness and eternal life while there is still time. Maranatha

1 year ago

It just shows how they have no argument that they can’t discuss their objection. They only know the talking points they were given. That one woman that continued to repeat that it was the womans choice no matter how old the child is, proves she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. The other video just show how ignorant some people can be.