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WATCH: Idiot BLM Protester Trying To Block Street Gets LAID OUT By Black Police Officer.. And It’s GLORIOUS

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A BLM protester in Pennsylvania yesterday got laid out by a black cop in Wilkinsburg after the radical group refused to comply with officers and began fighting with them.


These BLMers were trying to protest in the middle of the street, which is absolutely unlawful.

The one officer made that clear but the loud mouth girl in the video suggested to officers that BLMers had a right to protest anywhere they wanted.

The officers began to remove them by force and that’s when the protesters began resisting and fighting.

That’s when the magical moment happened and one of the black officers went all Will Smith and laid out the big girl with a punch to the face.

Couldn’t have happened to a more worthy perp. Watch the video for more…



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Jacques Merde
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