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Trump Makes STUNNING Announcement About His Return To Twitter If Elon Musk Takes Over

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Well, Tesla CEO, SpaceX visionary, and hilarious Twitter troll finally did it: he announced his bid to take Twitter private by buying 100% of its stock at a hefty premium, a plan that has infuriated lefties around the country and likely sent Twitter employees up the wall in fear that he’ll come in and actually run Twitter like a company meant to earn money rather than censor the regime’s enemies.

One of the biggest questions about Elon’s announcement that he’d like to take the social media platform private is if he intends, after taking it private, to uncensor certain accounts that were slapped by Twitter for engaging in wrongthink at some point over the past few years.

Particularly, people want to know if Elon intends on bringing Trump back to Twitter so that we can once again read his brilliant tweets bashing Jeb!, liberal talk show hosts, and any other enemy that gets in his way or says something less than 100% complimentary about him.

Trump, however, might be less than interested in coming back, as he thinks too many conservative voices have been kicked off the platform and have made it uninteresting. At least, he said as much in a recent interview.

Reuters, reporting on that interview in a recent article, said:

Elon Musk’s takeover bid for Twitter has prompted speculation that he would restore Donald Trump’s account if he succeeds in purchasing the social-media platform. But the former U.S. president says he “probably” would not go back.

In an interview with Sirius XM’s Americano Media on Wednesday, before Musk’s announcement, Trump said he “probably wouldn’t have any interest” in returning to the platform, where he had almost 90 million followers.

“You know, Twitter has become very boring. They’ve gotten rid of a lot of their good voices … a lot of their conservative voices,” Trump said.

While the most important part there is that Trump said he “probably wouldn’t have any interest” in coming back, there is a glimmer of hope for all those that want to see him cyberbully Jeb! again.

That would be the reason that he’s now uninterested in Twitter: its censorship of conservatives and banning of their accounts.

What if Elon brings them back too? What if, rather than just rescuing a few high profile accounts like the Babylon Bee and Trump’s 90 million follower account, Elon brings back all those who have been silenced for political reasons over the past few years, thus returning conservative voices to the platform and undoing years of attempted censorship.

Then, in that case, Trump’s reason for being uninterested in Twitter would be gone; the platform would be “interesting” again and the Donald might take a second look at the app that made him so successful in his 2016 presidential bid.

Admittedly, there are a lot of “ifs” on that path. It would take Elon not only being successful in his $43 billion dollar takeover of Twitter, but to then reverse years of censorship. But it could happen, and if it did Trump might finally be back on Twitter!

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2 years ago

We all need President Trump back! He had this country smoothly on track!

Tara Jones
Tara Jones
2 years ago
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