Democrat Candidate Forced To Withdraw From House Race After Disturbing Social Media Posts Surface Of Him Fantasizing About MURDERING Ron Johnson’s Family And ‘Masturbating To Kristi Noem’

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The man clearly has issues.

It is apparent that Democrats are not vetting their candidates and are no longer checking their social media posts before giving them the thumbs up to run.

Democrats in South Dakota had selected Ryan Ryder to run for a House seat against Rep. Dusty Johnson (R-SD). However, one day after announcing he was running for Congress he was forced to drop out of the race.

The media found some really creepy and disturbing social media posts from 2021 that forced the Democrat Party in South Dakota to dump Ryder.

One of the posts from Ryder showed an image of Gov. Kristi Noem holding a flag and riding on a horse. The Democrat hopeful attacked her spokesman for posting it adding that it was something he could masturbate to while believing “any load of crap he throws my way.”

In another post, Ryder fantasized about publishing an animated video of him killing Johnson’s family and a third was him wishing January 6th rioters “got their hands on him[Johnson].”

“The South Dakota Democratic Party has determined it is not appropriate for Mr. Ryder to continue in this race and requested that he end his candidacy, which he has agreed to,” South Dakota Democratic Party Executive Director Berk Ehrmantraut said in a statement posted on the party website.

Ryder also issued a public statement withdrawing just one day after announcing he was running for Congress.

“I am withdrawing my candidacy for US House of Representatives,” he said in an email to reporters.

“While tweets I have made in the past were a poor attempt at sarcastic humor, I recognize that they appear to cross a line. I regret that I chose to express myself that way. I apologize specifically to the state party and anyone else for whom these tweets reflected badly.”

“These statements from Mr. Ryder do not live up to the values of the South Dakota Democratic Party, and we do not support this type of language,” said SDDP Chair Randy Seiler.

Well, if CNN is hiring he’ll fit right in.

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2 years ago

More candidates need to be vetted better, before announcing their intent. All of them in fact, but that would probably shut down the system. Investigations for all would be good, BEFORE, not AFTER.

Tara Jones
Tara Jones
2 years ago
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Last edited 2 years ago by Tara Jones
Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
2 years ago

This idiot would make a great Biden Supreme Court nominee.

2 years ago

I’m calling BS. He is the perfect democrat and fits in with them.