WATCH: Pete Buttigieg’s Husband Grooms Children By Leading Them To Pledge Allegiance To The Gay Rainbow Flag

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This is so messed up.

The husband of Pete Buttigieg, Chasten Buttigieg, is on video leading CHILDREN in some weird pledge of allegiance to the rainbow flag at a gay camp.

Yes children. And some of them look pretty young too:

The Log Cabin Republicans tweeted the video out saying “Whatever this is, we don’t want it. Hands off, @Chasten.”

Another Log Cabin official from Tampa wondered why Chasten is grooming children:

As Leatherwood suggests, the whole thing is disgusting because they are replacing Old Glory with this perverted LGBT flag and getting these children to pledge themselves to it. Total brainwashing.



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1 year ago

Disgusting human being!

1 year ago

Where are the parents? Where are the churches? Why aren’t they taking the children from him that they allowed him to have? This is child abuse and worse. God help us.

Steven Silveus
1 year ago

One low life of a person, keep the rainbo flag to yourself, moron and stop pushing the gayster agenda. Low life, look it up in the 56 webster and you will see yourself

1 year ago

Does anyone remember the phrase ” This country is going to Hell in a handbasket”. Well folks we are here. These people are now using our children as pornograpihic pawns at a young age where kids are VERY impressionable. This is nothing but grooming them to be what They the Adult wants Not what the Child wants let alone understands. Our Government is now condoning human trafficking and are adding our kids to the mix. Don’t believe me just keep dragging your feet and not speaking out.

1 year ago

Now you can see the objective. Start them young while they are forming and turn them. This is wrong and they know it, but it’s not their kids.

Last edited 1 year ago by johninnil