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WATCH: Tony Blinken Stumbles And Fumbles When Asked Why Putin Didn’t DARE Try This While TRUMP Was President

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken sputtered and stumbled after Chuck Todd asked him why Vladimir Putin didn’t dare try these tactics in Ukraine while Trump was in office.

It’s kind of hilarious. I kept the prior question in the clip and I’ll you why. It’s about cyber attacks, and the answer Blinken gives on how Biden tried to approach Putin over a cyberwarfare threat tells you the answer to the question of why Putin didn’t dare do this while Trump had the button.

What’s really funny is how Chuck Todd spoon feeds him the question with a ton of bashing intro maybe hoping for a collusion answer and Blinken still blows it.

“The president was conveying to president Putin how seriously we take this and the need for Russia to do something about it because those engaged in the attacks were doing it from Russian soil,” says Blinken. Biden brought up Russia’s big oil business and said that Biden told Putin “He knows how difficult it would be for something to happen to that infrastructure.”

That mealy-mouthed bass-ackward way of trying to cajole Putin to stop threatening us, instead of TELLING him what’s what, is the answer to why Putin is doing whatever he wants and don’t give a dang fig about Biden’s objections.

Biden’s not even a paper tiger, he’s a paper mouse.

Blinkens stuttering answer that Putin felt like the time was ripe now was pathetic and embarrassing. It’s now because NATO and the United States no longer intimidate him. Not while Captain Senile and the Pronouns are in office.



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Don Miller
Don Miller
2 years ago

Blinken, does anyone else grasp the parody of his name? As in first to Blink in the face of danger… LOL

2 years ago

Give me a break! TRAITOR Epstein Trump who freed the Clintons he partied with because he appointed all swamp things like Sessions then Epstein connected BARR.. a TRAITOR that gave our ENEMY ISRAEL everything they wanted including freeing their SPIES and givng their BLACKROCK our treasury. Trump should be EXECUTED for Treason just like PED0 JOE BIDEN.

2 years ago

Haha. Called out. I love it. I can envision you squirming in the chair upon being asked that question. Lmao!!