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  • Biden’s Secretary Of State Pick Linked To MILLIONS In Communist China Money, Revealed In Hunter Biden Laptop Emails


    Tony Blinken, the Biden administration’s nominee for Secretary of State, managed a Joe Biden project that received millions of anonymous Chinese donor dollars. Blinken appeared a handful of times in emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop agreeing to advise Hunter Biden when Hunter worked at the scandal-plagued firm Rosemont Seneca Partners. The Obama State Department […] More

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  • Biden’s Pick For Sec. Of State Vows End To ‘America First’


    President-elect Joe Biden’s pick for secretary of State, Antony Blinken, told a Senate panel Tuesday that he plans to “revitalize American diplomacy” after four years of tumultuous foreign policy. “We will show up again,” Blinken said in opening remarks as his Senate confirmation hearing got underway in the building that two weeks ago was the […] More

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  • Biden-Linked Firms Rush To SCRUB China Relations From Public Scrutiny


    The Washington, D.C., consulting firm cofounded by President-elect Joe Biden’s secretary of state nominee, Antony Blinken, has removed from its website details of its China-related business as the firm’s work has drawn scrutiny following Biden’s election victory.  As recently as late July, WestExec Advisors touted its work helping major American universities court donations in China without jeopardizing […] More

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