Democrat Facebook Exec And Biden Supporter CAUGHT In Undercover Operation Running Pedophile Ring

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According to reports, a key Facebook executive and Joe Biden supporter was caught running a pedophile ring.

Journalist Andy Ngo pointed to a video in which Jeren A. Miles, Facebook/Meta’s Manager of Community Development, gets interrogated on a live stream by a group known as Predator Catchers Indianapolis.

“I won’t have any restraint around you if I’m horny,” Miles reportedly texted the young lad. reports:

“I was flirting (with him) Miles admits on camera, before claiming her never had any intention to meet the boy, despite arranging two separate meetings with specific details of hotels and hotel rooms.

The group caught him at the Le Meridien Columbus hotel, where he had allegedly planned to meet the child.

Miles then explains his “rational” that he thought it was OK to flirt with a 13-year-old boy online so long as he never intended to meet him.

The alleged nonce then bragged about his senior position within Facebook, presumably to impress the boy, while also admitting he told the minor he wanted to “make out with you, touch you, suck you.”

Miles asserts the engagement with the boy was the first time he’d done anything like it, a dubious claim given the language he used when talking to the boy.

“Eric Schmutte, the man recording the live stream and one-half of “Predator Catchers Indianapolis,” tells me he is sending all the chat logs and evidence to law enforcement in Columbus, Ohio and Palm Springs, Calif., where Miles purportedly lives,” wrote Ngo.

After the sting was released on YouTube, Miles deleted his entire online social media presence.

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J.D. Bradley
J.D. Bradley
2 years ago

Execution is the only cure for pedophilia.

Fred Heaven
Fred Heaven
2 years ago


Bubba "Half-Matter" Wallace

A prerequisite for hire in a Globalist corp. is that you be a pedophile. That way they can leverage you and keep you on “narrative”.

2 years ago

The good news just keeps pouring in today. Another major league pedophile arrested.

bankrupted taxpayerD
bankrupted taxpayer
2 years ago

how will taxpayer funded govt employees ever be charged with any crime ?

Who D. Who
Who D. Who
2 years ago

And these are the bastards censoring people’s attempts to legitimately criticize policy on social media and get the truth out.

Very very revealing.

Gideon RockwellD
Gideon Rockwell
2 years ago

This is no surprise since the Democrat Crime Organization is made up of losers, social leeches and perverts.