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  • ABC News Caught On Tape ADMITTING To Covering Up Epstein-Clinton Crimes For OVER THREE YEARS!


    Project Veritas has released new video footage showing a hot-mic capturing ABC News Anchor Amy Robach admitting that ABC News actively killed a blockbuster story about convicted child sex predator Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton in order to maintain access to the royal family for over three years. ABC News, which ran thinly sources stories […] More

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  • Twitter Swells With OUTRAGE After Pope’s Horrible Attempt To Distract From Pedophile Scandal


    Pope Francis was slammed on Saturday after declaring that litter in the world’s oceans was an “emergency” that needed to be dealt with immediately, ignoring the Catholic Church’s massive child sex scandal. Francis, who made the remarks on the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, decried the “seas and oceans” being “littered […] More

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