Johnson & Johnson Quietly And Suddenly Shuts Down Their Entire Production Of COVID-19 Vaccine In Preparation For ‘More Profitable New Virus’

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According to a new New York Times story, Johnson & Johnson has discreetly discontinued manufacture of their COVID-19 vaccines.

The only known location producing doses of the J&J COVID-19 vaccine was a factory in Leiden, Netherlands, which has now halted all production.

J&J has turned its emphasis to developing an experimental but possibly more profitable vaccine to fight against an unrelated ‘new’ virus, according to the article.

New York Times reports:

The American company, which has already fallen far behind on its deliveries to poorer countries, late last year quietly shut down the only plant making usable batches of the vaccine, according to people familiar with the decision.

The facility, in the Dutch city of Leiden, has instead been making an experimental but potentially more profitable vaccine to protect against an unrelated virus.

But over the next several months, the interruption has the potential to reduce the supply of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid vaccine by a few hundred million doses, according to one of the people familiar with the decision. Other facilities have been hired to produce the vaccine but either aren’t up and running yet or haven’t received regulatory approval to send what they’re making to be bottled.

Inside Johnson & Johnson’s executive suites, the decision to suspend production at Leiden prompted concerns that it would impair the company’s ability to deliver on its vaccine commitments to the developing world.

“This is not the time to be switching production lines of anything, when the lives of people across the developing world hang in the balance,” said Dr. Ayoade Alakija, a co-head of the African Union’s vaccine-delivery program.

Jake Sargent, a spokesman for Johnson & Johnson, said in an email that the company was “focused on ensuring our vaccine is available where people are in need” and that its global production network “is working day and night” to help fight the pandemic.

He said the company was continuing to deliver batches of the vaccine to facilities that bottled and packaged doses. He also said Johnson & Johnson had millions of finished doses in inventory.

Read more here. reports: Last year, a stunning new study that was conducted by researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota has concluded that the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine increases the risk of developing a rare and deadly blood clotting condition in the brain.

The study, which was published on Monday in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), found that recipients of the one-shot J&J vaccine are 3.5 times more likely (8.65 per 100,000) to develop cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) when compared to the general population (2.34 per 100,000).

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2 years ago

Of course…they’ve wrung the “so-called covid” dry of all the money they could get out of it…….it’s now time to move on to another money making venture, or should I say murder spree.

2 years ago

The “new” virus is no secret. Read Sen. Kennedy’s book, “The Real Anthony Fauci” chapter 3. It tells the world that the AIDS virus contained in the RNA/DNA ‘vaxes’ is the next bioterrorist attack – by our own pharmacy industry.
It’s a real money-maker killer HIV threat. Or, so the Big Pharma believes. But this time, there is no immunity from lawsuits unless Big Pharma can finagle another War of The Worlds horror and terror scenario from the media and politicians to be ‘immune’ from lawsuits.
Pray, people, for God’s help to save America. Ask family and friends to pray daily for God’s miracles to protect and defend One Nation Under God. This is important.

Linda Mercier Parrish
Linda Mercier Parrish
2 years ago
Reply to  bbb

News flash HIV is already in the MRNA vaccines and is what is causing AUTO IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROME (AIDS) in those who took the single, double, triple dose vaccines and boosters!I
But J&J vaccine is not a Mrna true vaccine.

2 years ago

Haven’t they been in some sort of trouble with their baby powder?

2 years ago

Wow En-Volve is gullible. Jannsen’s covid vaccine efficacy was not high enough to justify further production, but you cucked-out conservative echo chambers don’t seem to like facts or science. By all means, keep yelling into the void of your own ignorance, cuckers.