Professor At Johns Hopkins SLAMS Media And University For Suppressing Study That Showed Covid Lockdowns Had ZERO Effect On Reducing Deaths

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A Johns Hopkins professor has gone on record slamming his university and the mainstream media for suppressing a groundbreaking study conducted by leading economists at the university that found that brutal Covid lockdowns, mandatory mask orders, and social distancing, only reduced deaths by a negligible 0.2 percent.

While the elites continue to claim that brutal lockdown restrictions were necessary and effective, Dr. Martin Makary says that the data proves that they are lying to us.

Johns Hopkins itself did not even put out a press release about this study, and if you look at the media coverage, it’s one of the biggest stories in the world today, and yet certain media outlets have not even covered it,’ Makary told Fox News.

DailyMail reports: Economists at the college carried out a meta-analysis and found that restrictions imposed in the spring of 2020 – including stay-at-home orders, compulsory masks and social distancing – only reduced COVID mortality by 0.2 percent.

They warned that lockdowns caused ‘enormous economic and social costs‘ and concluded that they were ‘ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument’ going forward.

Makary said the small number of lives saved by the lockdowns doesn’t come close to those lost to lack of health care, such as patients who forwent cancer treatments.

The study found that lockdowns imposed in many US cities in the spring of 2020 led to a reduction of COVID deaths by 0.2 percent.

Now compare that number, which turns out to be about 1,800 individuals, to the number of non-COVID deaths, what we call the “excess non-COVID mortality” in the United States.

It was 124,000 excess deaths in year one. So, over two years, it was about a quarter million people who died. Many many scientists have now begun to peel back this number,‘ Makary said.

He explained that 60,000 to 70,000 of them died from substance abuse, while others died from deferred cancer care, self harm and other side effects of lockdowns.

The surgeon also pointed out the number of children who fell behind as schooling moved online.

There are hundreds of kids in Baltimore alone that the teachers described never logged on to their virtual learning modules, ever,’ he said.

Makary criticized Johns Hopkins and the mainstream media for not publicizing the findings.

Pretty quickly we started to get the data from Northern Italy that, not only was it not equally distributed in the population, but the harm was so profoundly skewed towards older people and people with co-morbidities,‘ he said.

Even in the early days of New York, we got data that was largely ignored. That 80 percent of the deaths were in people over 65, and half of them, roughly, were in nursing homes. 

And yet we continued to treat this as if everybody was at equal risk, and we continue to do that today. In schools, where children bear the biggest burden of the restrictions in this country. So I think the public is hungry for honesty and basic humility from public health officials.’

Republicans say the new report proves that Dr. Anthony Fauci and his claim that pandemic restrictions saved ‘millions‘ are not to be trusted.

Bad judgment and poor leadership from our nation’s health agencies have caused most Americans to live with an unhealthy fear of COVID-19. There is no doubt, we need a new approach to COVID as we must learn to live with it,’ Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Kansas, told upon review of the new Johns Hopkins research.

That new approach should not include Dr. Fauci – American’s don’t trust him and he has lost his reputation. We must stop the obsession with COVID, stop living in fear and move forward.’

They warned that lockdowns caused ‘enormous economic and social costs’ and concluded they were ‘ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument’ going forward.

The review, led by a Johns Hopkins University professor, argued that border closures had virtually zero effect on Covid mortality, reducing deaths by just 0.1 per cent.

However, closing nonessential shops was found to be the most effective intervention, leading to a 10.6 per cent drop in virus fatalities.

I hope we’ll learn from this the study,‘ Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said on Fox News Wednesday. ‘There was no correlation between any of the mandates the government put in place and any change in the incidence of the disease.’ 

He recalled when Fauci said that lockdowns had saved millions of lives.

The fact that we shut down when we did, and the rest of the world did, has saved hundreds of millions of infections and millions of lives,‘ Fauci said in June 2020.

Paul called for Fauci’s removal, which he has done repeatedly.

It’s become so politicized that I don’t think Dr. Fauci will ever apologize or admit to the country, but we need to have people like him removed from office because they’ve been so wrong on so much policy.’ 

Their report, which has not been peer-reviewed, said that this was probably due to shutting pubs and restaurants where alcohol is consumed. School closures were linked to a smaller 4.4 per cent decrease.

Johns Hopkins University: The 2020 Covid-19 lockdowns had “little to no” effect on mortality. The American people and businesses have paid a huge price due to poor Democrat governance,’ Rep. Lance Gooden, R-Texas, wrote on Twitter.

The researchers — who deal in the field of economics, rather than medicine or public health — originally identified 18,590 global studies into lockdowns, which they claim had to be whittled down to just 24 to answer their research question.

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