WATCH: Ron DeSantis DESTROYS Anti-Semitic Democrats And Press Over Their Attempt To SMEAR Him Over ‘Nazis Loving Him’

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They always try to trim the context and the full scope of any answer Ron DeSantis gives, and they tried twice as hard this time because he was responding to their own attempt at crafting a Nazi narrative. But the Governor was ready and he flipping UNLOADED on the jackass media, the jackass Democrats, and the half-dozen jackass idiots with Nazi flags in a 3-minute flurry of FURY that it’s impossible to oversell.

Some idiot Nazi morons were spotted outdoors over the weekend and Dem-Media complex started asking why it is that Nazis love Florida so much and Christina Pushaw told them to shove it. They didn’t like that and turned it into a narrative. And Gov. DeSantis served them their own butts for dinner.

I’m telling you, this is an all-time classic. Watch:

I can’t get enough of this, our next president, destroying the media.



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