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WATCH: Tom Cotton SCORCHES Democrats — ‘They Care More About UKRAINE’S Border Than OUR OWN Southern Border’

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About a week Rep. Thomas Massie said on Twitter that “Too many in our government care about the Ukrainian border more than the U.S. border.”

On Sunday, Dana Perino asked Rep. Tom Cotton about that comment during their discussion on Fox News Sunday about the situation with Ukraine and Russia.

“It’s true that a lot of Democrats, to include Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and others do seem to care more about Ukraine’s border than our southern border at a time when we’ve had 2 million illegal immigrants cross our border under Joe Biden’s tenure in office,” said Cotton. “I mean that’s like adding the entire population of Nebraska to this country.”

“You can be concerned about both,” said Cotton.

Prior to the clip he was saying Biden’s letting Putin walk over him and will probably continue to. Perino was asking about the tweet as a way of asking what he’d say to Republicans who would rather we have nothing to do with the Ukraine-Russia conflict in the first place.

He went on to say that letting Putin get away with this will embolden China and that we have to pursue American interests – the usual neocon stuff.

But that quote ain’t wrong. Well not exactly.

He’s right some Democrats care more about Urkaine’s border than ours, but not securing it. See in both cases Democrats want the same thing.

They want invasion. They want Putin in Ukraine and everyone else here. That’s the plan.



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