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Whistleblower Reveals Defense Department Manipulated Data to Show Lower Vaccine Side-Effects

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Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., convened and moderated a Senate panel debate titled “COVID-19: A Second Opinion,” in which claims were made that the Defense Department falsified COVID data to reflect lower side-effects among US troops than the real data being reported.

Attorney Thomas Renz, who was defending three Defense Department officials, said the actual data reveals a 300 percent increase in miscarriages, a 300 percent increase in cancer, and a 1,000 percent increase in neurological disorder among U.S. military personnel, among other results.

The attorney stated that the word “corruption” was used frequently during the panel discussion, and that this whistleblower report involved corruption at the highest levels of government. He demanded an investigation into Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and the entire Defense Department reporting machinery.

While his office launches a whistleblower inquiry, Johnson has asked the Defense Department to preserve all documentation related to the immunizations. He stated that it “appears to be data doctoring.”

The panel discussion lasted a heroic five hours and covered topics like cruelty and corruption in the treatment of COVID 19, medical malfeasance, risks from Remdesivir, big tech censorship, intimidation of doctors, vaccine mandates, along with the whistleblower report.

The panel assembled a diverse group of world renowned doctors and medical experts that provided a different perspective on the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge on early treatment, hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, and what should be done now and in the future.

The entire discussion was filled with explosive and emotional testimony that the leftist media likely will never cover. The panel waged a science-based attack on the entrenched, powerful medical establishment and pleaded that the country needs to change course fast.   

Dr. Paul Marik said he was forced from his hospital for not following Covid Czar Anthony Fauci’s NIH protocols.

He spoke emotionally as he described how the hospital administrator ordered him to stop prescribing off-label medications to his patients for the treatment of COVID 19, despite the fact that he saw they were working.

“Hospitals,” he said, “are dangerous places for sick people.”

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