January 6th Commission Suddenly Targets Mike Lindell.. But He Wasn’t Even At The Capitol That Day

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The fishing expedition continues, as Pelosi’s hack January 6th commission is now targeting the phone records of Mike Lindell from November to January. But Lindell isn’t taking this lightly. He’s suing to protect his phone records from the prying eyes of the Democrat committee:

NEWSMAX – MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is among the targets of the Jan. 6 select committee, which has subpoenaed his phone records — a move he has sued to block.

I wasn’t there on Jan. 6, and yes they did subpoena my phone records, but we filed a complaint for declaratory and injunctive relief against the Jan. 6 committee and Verizon to completely invalidate this corrupt subpoena,” Lindell wrote to CNBC on Wednesday.

Lindell’s lawsuit was filed in federal court in Minneapolis.

Lindell told CNBC the Jan. 6 committee has sought his phone records from November through early January, and he has filed a lawsuit similar to other targets.

I don’t think these hacks know what they are looking for with these subpoenas. They are just hoping to find something that they can use to make political hay about while destroying the lives of certain Republicans who support Trump.

Clearly Lindell feels the election was stolen by the Democrats and he hasn’t been shy about that. And I’m sure he made plenty of phone calls between November and January that the committee would love to exploit for their agenda.

I hope Lindell succeeds in his lawsuit, for his sake and the sake of others being targeted.



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