WATCH: Rand Paul Eviscerates Omicron Hysteria With Common Sense Then Explains Why He’s DONE With YouTube

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Rand Paul was on with Fox and Friends this morning discussing the hysteria around Omicron and you can watch all of that below in his full interview from Fox and Friends this morning. He also explains why his new year’s resolution is to quit YouTube. This video, in fact, is from his Rumble account:

Here’s a couple of clips if you don’t want to watch the entire interview, with Paul blaming the COVID hysteria on Fauci in the first one:

Paul says “We need to get rid of the hysteria but the people that are promoting the hysteria work for the government. I mean this is Dr. Fauci’s fault largely because he’s still hysterically talking about mandates and shutting people down and not letting people fly and blaming the unvaccinated.”

In the next clip, Rand Paul describes Omicron as ‘nature’s vaccine’:

Lastly, if you skip to 11:30 in the full interview at the top, you’ll hear Rand Paul discuss why he’s quitting Youtube, saying “I’m no longer going to let some punk, some snot nosed kid over YouTube decide that a speech that I gave on the Senate floor is not appropriate.”



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