WATCH: MTG Says Twitter Has ‘Declared War’ On Republicans And Vows To Launch Investigations

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Over the weekend it was reported that Twitter banned Marjorie Taylor Greene for so-called misinformation regarding COVID. Now she’s calling on all of her Republican colleagues to leave Twitter and join GETTR or other alternatives:

In the interview Tucker is more focused on highlighting the fact that none of MTG’s Republican colleagues have defended her after being ousted from Twitter, especially Kevin McCarthy, who Tucker suggests should have called Twitter and threatened them with punishment if they didn’t reinstate her.

MTG doesn’t really go there but does call on them to dump Twitter, saying:

“I’m encouraging my entire conference….I’m asking all of them to leave Twitter. Because Twitter has declared war on our party. And what are we going to do, just sit there and go ‘oh, we’re going to wait until we get the majority back and then we’re going to have investigations, and then when we get full control are we going to pass laws to stop this?’ Nothing was done in the past and nothing has been done now.

So what everyone needs to do is do what I did. I went to GETTR, I went to Gab, I went to Telegram. I think everyone should leave and I’m asking my entire conference to do it. Because you know what? You don’t keep eating bad food at a restaurant that keeps serving it to you. You get up and leave and you go somewhere else where you’re treated well. And for right now, that’s what everyone needs to do while we have the freedom to do it.”

This morning MTG said she doesn’t really believe her permanent ban had anything to do with COVID misinformation:

Just like with Trump, Twitter will do everything in its power to try and hurt Republicans it doesn’t like. That’s what this is about. It’s an election year and the leftists over there don’t want her to win reelection. But it ain’t going to work. They just made a social media martyr out of her and it’s just going to make her even bigger.



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