CNN Pedophile Ring Is Crashing Down As Police Seize Devices From Jake Tapper Producer

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Fairfax County police seized electronics and hard drives from Saleeby on Thursday following his arrest last week on charges of child sex crimes.

Saleeby’s arrest follows the prosecution of another CNN producer, John Griffin, who just a few days earlier was arrested on ‘sickening’ child rape crimes. reports: Saleeby was revealed by Project Veritas to have allegedly solicited sexually explicit images of an underage girl,  with additional texts showing him fantasizing about molesting his fiancé’s daughter.

One text reportedly exchange featured the producer telling the source how his fiancé’s daughter was “wearing very closely cut bottoms at the pool,” before graphically describing how he could see the outline of her genitals.

The source, Janine Banani, who was involved in a relationship with the CNN producer for over a decade, also told Project Veritas that Saleeby solicited the photos of their daughter.

She then provided a recording in which the producer allegedly said, “…after I’m done having my mouth on her, I’m going to walk up and put my crotch very close to her face,” he said referring to the minor, “…slowly unzip my zipper and just guide her head a little closer and I’m just going to have her kiss the head and I’m going to put her hand on it so she can feel what the hard flesh feels like.”

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